About Us

Jenepé Limited is a young Corporate advisory firm delivering growing businesses strategic advice and innovative financial solutions to growing businesses. We focus on successful growth companies to expand into global markets by providing them with access to the European capital markets. At Jenepé we typically takes a long term position in our portfolio companies, and we operate as strategic partners to our clients throughout this stage in their growth by assisting them in delivering strong fundamentals. 

Our European operations are centered on services that are delivered through London giving to give businesses access to the European capital markets via an English speaking country with a solid legal and financial framework. We also have strong networks throughout the Asia Pacific region centered on Melbourne, Australia and Singapore. 

Because our business model (and our business philosophy) is based on the fundamental growth of our client businesses, and not on once-off transactions, it means Jenepé can respond to complex corporate problems by providing unique creative solutions through the life cycle as the businesses grows. 

The Jenepé team has a successful a 10 year track record in Stock Exchange listings, capital raising, prospectus submissions, corporate actions and corporate structuring