As part of assisting our clients with capital raising we provide guidance and assistance to them in relation to the associated regulatory requirements.

This typically includes working hand-in-hand with our clients to prepare and register a prospectus, which is the primary capital raising compliance document in most jurisdictions.
We typically act as the project manager of the entire process as well as handling the labour-intensive drafting and change-control aspects of creating the document. From the time we are engaged to prepare the prospectus to the time when it is formally approved by the relevant regulator we take ownership of the process and ensure that all of the contributors, including the client’s senior management and professional advisors, have their content integrated into a single, accurate and coherent document as quickly and easily as possible.
With our experienced team and extensive network of advisors we ensure the prospectus process is as smooth as possible for our clients, and we aim to minimize the impact of that process on our client’s day to day business activities so our clients can continue to focus on building their business.